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Melissa’s Magnificent Mounds

Melissa's Magnificent Mounds

Beautiful Melissa Mandlikova has said at times that she doesn’t dress sexily when she goes out. Doesn’t wear tight tank-tops or wife-beaters to show off her yayas. No short-shorts to show off her shapely legs. As sad as it makes us to know this, we know that she’s actually the shy type and doesn’t flaunt her beautiful shakers in public. “The wholesome look of a farm girl with the body of a devil,” was one quote by a SCORE fan about her. Who says farm girls are wholesome? They fuck in the barn more than the world suspects. Melissa is well aware that when we, the breast-men of the world, look at her, we’re thinking of doing the whopper-wanger between her titty terrain and basting her boobies in ball-butter. Melissa can’t blame a man for impure thoughts. Her face and body inspire them. This video proves it yet again.

Melissa's Magnificent Mounds