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Month: October, 2018

Fondling Big Breasts is the Best

The other day, I was out running with my Husky, when I realized that I fucking hate running. I stopped to sit on a bench and drink some water. I noticed a couple of moms sitting on a bench nearby. One of them was breastfeeding. I’m usually not too much of a creep about boobs that are breastfeeding. I do take a quick peek, but I respect what’s going on.

This time was a little different though because the kid was suckling one side while playing with the other. Then he’d fuss and she’d switch sides. Both tits were in full view and she was totally chill about it. It was a distraction and I got up to walk away because I didn’t want to be caught staring, and then attacked by a mob of disgusted moms.

It hit me though, that I have always liked fondling boobs. I have never left my hands idle while my face was buried in a girlfriend’s tits. Sometimes in relationships, I even find myself mindlessly massaging or playing with a breast even when it is in no way sexual. It’s soothing. I know there is nothing sexual about a baby being fed, but it does make me wonder if that’s when the love of big tits begins. How are we not all fondling boobs all the time? Even women with other women? It just seems like the best place in the world to be.

Anyway all that non-sexual thinking about tits, turned into me starting to think about the sexual side, and I got hard so had to go home. As soon as I was at my computer, I was looking for porn with big tits. That’s when I came across this NF Busty discount for up to 78% off. Signing up was the right choice.

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